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About the Department

he new trends of world economic development have recently been associated with the concept of 'globalization' more and more frequently, which means the leading direction in development of international business characterized by strengthening of co-operation of national economies.

There are over 200 countries in the world which co-operate in different spheres of economy. Our country has trade and investment connections with more than 120 countries, co-operates with the most authoritative international organizations (International Monetary Fund, World Trade Organization, etc.).

In Ukraine there is a need for specialists who are experts in the economy of our country and our trade partners, who can analyse and forecast the situation on world commodity markets, orient themselves in the system of norms and principles of international economic law, tariff and non-tariff methods of international trade regulation, understand the mechanism of currency exchange formation, who can form securities portfolio and know where to get funds for a company development  and a lot of other things.

Organization of the Department is a sort of dictate of time. Liberalization of external economic connections in Ukraine has contributed to the growth of business participants and entry of enterprises and organizations to the international markets. The lack of knowledge in the fields of international business, customs and tariff regulation, international currency, finance and credit relations, investment activity, international marketing, foreign economic activity of enterprises and preparation of external economic contracts is the pressing problem of today. 

Internationalization of all economic life of the society demands both special knowledge in the field of international business, and mastering of foreign languages. The Speciality of International Business gives a unique combination of knowledge on economic disciplines and business foreign language. Students who study by this major acquire deep knowledge of English and study German or French at their own choice. 

University education gives the graduating students an opportunity not only to become a member of a certain professional corporation through acquisition of the chosen speciality, but also to be the world citizen in the basic fundamental socio-cultural measurements. 

The work of the Department of International Business is aimed at training of well-educated elite of the society able to orient themselves in the systems and subsystems of the world economy and having the notion of the most meaningful economic and political factors which determine the world economic development, and mastering foreign languages at a high level, and, as a result, having high social mobility. 

The aim of the Department of International Business is to provide students with theoretical knowledge and practical skills for realization of professional activity in foreign trade, currency, credit and financial spheres, both on national and international levels. 

The Department of International Business was founded in 1998 in V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University. At the beginning, the department was named the Department of International Business and International Economic Relations and it was headed by Professor Golikov Artur Pavlovych. In 2003, there took place the split-off of the Department of International Business. 




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