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About the Department

The Department of Economic Cybernetics and Applied Economics

The Department of Economic Cybernetics and Applied Economics specializes in training specialists with profound knowledge in such fields as Mathematic Modelling, Quantitative Methods and Computer Technologies. This specialization, together with general economic education received by students of the Department on a par with students of other specialities, permits to improve significantly the quality of training for work with financial, analytical and numerical information. Receiving the Diploma of Economist-Mathematician, graduates of the Department increase their chances for successful employment at enterprises, firms and financial institutions such as banks, insurance companies and investment funds.

The Department was one of the first in Ukraine to start training students in the Economic Cybernetics speciality. And at present, the Department trains economists in two specialities – Economic Cybernetics (bachelor and master’s degrees) and Applied Economics (master’s degree).

The Department holds the leading position in Ukraine in training specialists in the field of Economic Cybernetics and participates in the expert control of development of this speciality. The professional staff of the Department is composed of efficiently associated specialists with fundamental schooling in Mathematics, high qualification in the field of economic and mathematical modeling, information technologies and programming. This helps students in forming of a wide complex of knowledge and skills. The Department provides lectures in basic courses related to preparation in Mathematics and Computer Science, and in all professionally-oriented disciplines, such as Economic Cybernetics, Research of Operations, Systemic Analysis, Modelling in Economics, Imitational Modelling, Economic Dynamics, Organizational Projection, Theory of Optimal Management etc.

At present, seventeen teachers work at the Department. Among them is one doctor, nine assistant professors and seven senior teachers. Teachers of the Department participate in international educational projects, and students are also involved in these projects.

Annually, the Department graduates about 30 young specialists with qualification of Economist-Mathematician. Graduates of this speciality efficiently work in different spheres of economy, such as banking, production associations, insurance and investment companies, state and commercial enterprises. They successfully participate in contests for filling positions of leading managers and senior specialists in managerial and productive structures. Many of the graduates achieve significant professional growth in quite short terms (3-5 years) and take up positions of financial and commercial directors and heads of departments in large-scale domestic and international companies and organizations.

Fundamental schooling in Mathematics and Economic and Mathematical Modelling permits our graduates to integrate into the system of university education in foreign countries (first of all, the USA).

Over a long period of time, the Department of Economic Cybernetics has been headed by Professor V.A. Zabrodskiy, one of the founders of the adaptive management theory, who created the scientific school in this specialization at the Department. At present, the Department is headed by Assistant Professor V.G. Mikhaylenko, Honoured Teacher of the Kharkiv National University and Candidate of Physics and Mathematics.

There function full-time and extra-mural post-graduate studies at the Department. Scientific work is carried out, and students are involved in scientific work at the Department. Examples of main tendencies of this work are evaluation and financial analysis of enterprise activity, imitational modeling of economic systems, methods of investment portfolio formation for a commercial bank, analysis of development of large-scale economic and production systems, modelling of tax systems and taxation etc.

In recent years, three doctoral theses and six Ph.D. theses have been prepared and defended at the Department.

The Department keeps up contacts with the leading higher educational institutions of Ukraine, scientific institutions, enterprises and organizations. Cooperation is realized in many directions, such as expert examination and review of theses and scientific works, participation in conferences and seminars, scientific and pedagogical experience exchange, probations for the teachers and participation in international projects.




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