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“Economic Theory” Speciality


The Department of Economic Theory and Economic Methods of Management trains specialists in the speciality 6.050100, 8.050101 “Economic Theory” at full-time form of education (qualificational levels of bachelor and master).
Students of the Department can receive basic higher education and qualification of Bachelor in Economic Theory (full-time form of education, 4 years of studies), education and qualification of Master in Economic Theory (normative term of studies at full-time form of education is one year), on the basis of the educational and qualificational level of bachelor
The basis of the educational and professional programme in “Economic Theory” speciality is the complex of cycles of disciplines in humanitarian, natural-science and general economic training.
The professional training of students is provided by teaching of the following courses:
- Modern Economic Systems
- Economics of Foreign Countries
- Transitional Economy
- Microeconomic Theory of Production and Costs
- Analysis of National Economy
- Economic Policy
- Economic Statistics
- Economic Cybernetics
- Economic Integration and Globalization of Modern Problems
- Economic History of Ukraine
- History of Economic Thought
- Methods of Socio-economic Perception
- Financial Management
- Modern Economic Theories
- Modelling of Economic Dynamics
- Economic Evaluation
- Logic of Economic Development
- Economic Sociology
- Institutional Economics
- Economics of State Sector
- Methods of Economic Research
- Social Economics
- Theory of Management
Graduates of “Economic Theory” speciality are trained to work in the following fields of economic activity:
- teaching of economic disciplines
- analytical work in authorities and scientific organizations
- management in the sphere of financial and banking services
- management at the level of districts, towns etc.
- management
-scientific works in research organizations
Excellent students can pass examinations for the post-graduate course, continue their studies and in due course defend Ph.D. theses in the speciality 08.01.01 “Economic Theory”.
Students of “Economic Theory” speciality receive high level of knowledge and have practical training in computer-equipped classes of the Faculty of Economics. Students working on degree theses independently design application packages for use personal designs on computers. Data from Internet is widely used in preparation of term papers and degree projects.
Experience accumulated at the Department gives grounds to state that training  of graduates is performed at the highest level. The Department gives exceptional attention to consolidating of connection between teaching theoretical disciplines and economic practice.
The Department of Economic Theory and Economic Methods of Management is located at the following address: 1 Mironositskaya Str., Kharkiv, room 3-4. Tel.: 707-55-50, e-mail: ecteor@econom.kharkov.ua




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