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About the Department

Department of Economic Theory and Economic Methods of Management

The Department of Economic Theory and Economic Methods of Management of V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University was founded in 1991.
The Department of Economic Theory is one of the strongest departments in Ukraine in terms of personnel potential. Ten doctors of economic science, twelve professors, five assistant professors and candidates of economic science, three senior teachers and one assistant work at the Department. A.A. Gritsenko, Doctor of Economic Science and Professor, heads the Department. This staff of the Department makes it possible to train specialists in Economic Theory on the high level which corresponds to the modern level.
It is not occasional that there have been ministers and deputy ministers, heads of the Committee of the Supreme Council of Ukraine, directors of the most important scientific and economic institutes among the graduates of this speciality. And today, graduates of our Department can be often met among the most skilled staff in all educational institutions of economic profile of the right-bank Ukraine. A lot of our graduates are employed as practical workers; they head banks and departments, work at production associations, insurance and investment companies, state and commercial enterprises.
Students of the Economic Theory speciality acquire fundamental knowledge in Economic Theory and Mathematics, Economic History and History of Economic Studies, Statistics and Finance etc. It is regular practice of the learning process to attract scientists from the USA and Canada for teaching. Emphasis is placed on studying of foreign languages and modern computer technologies. There function scientific student societies at the Department, and contests are held for the best student works.
The Department trains high skilled specialists. Every year from 15 to 17 people follow post-graduate studies, and 2 or 3 people follow doctorate studies.




Faculty of Economics
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