Faculty of Economics

V.N. Karazin Kharkov National University
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Teaching staff of Faculty of Economics consists of 21 professors, 41 associate, 21 Doctor of Economics, 60 PhD, 40 postgraduates, 16 candidates, 2 student.

The faculty are 2 specialized council on doctoral and master's theses.

Specialized scientific council D 64.051.05
By awarding academic degrees of doctor and candidate of economic sciences, specialty:
08.00.03 - "Economics and Management of National Economy."
Head - d.e.s., prof Honored Scientist of Ukraine Volodymyr Babich,
Vice President - d.e.s., prof. Tyutyunnykova Svetlana,
Secretary - Ph.D., assoc. Tretiak Victoria P.

Specialized scientific council D 64.051.01
In defense of doctoral theses and the following specialties:
08.00.01 - "Economic theory and history of economic thought";
08.00.07 - "Demography, labor economics, social economics and politics";
08.00.08 - "Money Finance and Credit";
Chairman - Corresponding Member. NASU, prof. A. Gritsenko;
Vice President - d.e.s. prof Kim M.;
Secretary - d.e.s. prof V. Sobolev




Faculty of Economics
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V.N. Karazin Kharkov National University