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The Faculty of Economics was founded in 1933 as one of the University’s seven faculties. The Faculty was created on the basis of three departments – of political economy, economic politics and historic disciplines. At that time, the Faculty’s destination was to train highly skilled specialists in teaching of political economy, economic politics and national economic accounting for institutions of higher education, technical and specialized schools of the Soviet Ukraine. By the 1st of July, 1934, there were 144 students at the Faculty (81 men and 63 women). It was planned to increase the annual admission up to 70 students.

In 1939, the Faculty of Economics was headed by Prof. A.A. Voskresenskiy (the Dean of the Faculty of Economics from 1933 till 1937). Under direction of Prof. A.P. Mamaluy (the second Dean of the Faculty, 1937-1941), the Faculty of Economics overcame a lot of difficulties on the way of its revival, including various ’reorganizations’ and ‘reforms’ that were not always justified. It became a large educational and scientific centre of Ukraine where current tasks concerning development of culture, science and public education were settled at that time. During those years, the number of educational and scientific research institutes, departments and laboratories, offices and libraries had significantly grown. Teachers’ and students’ cadres extended significantly, and the material and technical basis of the University was enriched. Nearly one half of the teaching staff had academic degrees and statuses.

The Academic Council of the Faculty was created for the first time, and it was allowed to admit for defense theses for the degree of candidate of economic science.

After the Second World War, the Faculty of Economics was reestablished in spring of 1945. However, the Faculty started its work earlier, on the 1st of April, 1944. From that day and up to October, 1946, S.I. Krandiyevskiy, Associate Professor, had been the Dean of the Faculty. And in October, 1946, A.N. Mirer, who had taken part in the Great Patriotic War, was appointed the Dean of the Faculty of Economics.

Three departments functioned at the Faculty, namely, the Department of Political Economy (headed by A.P. Mamaluy, Assistant Professor); the Department of History of Political Economy (headed by L.Y. Lyubimov); the Department of Concrete Economics, Business Accounting and Statistics (headed by Prof. M.B. Gurevych).

Close cooperation between scientists of the Faculty and industrial and agricultural workers had always been characteristic of the scientists’ activity, and it was widely covered by newspapers of those days. Propaganda of economics and popular lectures acquired importance. Thus, in 1949, the teachers gave 26 lectures at the University, scientific research institutes and enterprises of the city. Among them are “Means of Acceleration of Floating Assets Circulation” (Y.G. Liberman, Assistant Professor); “Struggle for Pre-Term Execution of Five-Year Plan of National Economy Restoration and Development” (Z.L. Zhytnytskiy, Assistant Professor), etc. Student scientific societies also extended their activity.
Under direction of Y.I. Terekhov, the Faculty’s history was greatly enriched. He did a lot in order that the Faculty of Economics occupied a fitting place among the faculties of the University. All the directions of the Faculty’s activity were aimed at one very important goal which was to provide high quality of training for professional economists who would have deep theoretical knowledge and practical skills and would be able to solve important tasks of productive efficiency enhancement independently.

1965 was the year of great changes in the country, especially in the economy. Those changes caused the necessity of training of corresponding personnel.

Admission of students was affected by the reforms, too. In August, 1966, 120 students were admitted at the full-time department, and admission for the part-time department increased up to 80 students. The number of lecturers also increased. There were 48 teachers at four departments, including five professors, doctors of science, and twenty-five candidates of science, assistant professors.

The structure of the Faculty underwent significant changes. In 1966, the Department of Finance and Credit was founded, and Prof. P.I. Verba, Doctor of Economics, was appointed the Head of the Department. In succeeding years, the Department played the key role in training of financial experts, bankers and tax officers. The Department of Finance and Credit played a particularly important role in development of contractual, distance and interactive forms of studies.

Apart from the Department of Finance and Credit, several new departments were created at the Faculty of Economics, namely: the Department of Economic Methods and Computer Engineering (headed by L.T. Motorniy, Assistant Professor) and the Department of Industrial Economics (headed by Prof. Miroshnikov). In 1968, the Department of National Economic Planning was created, and Y.I. Terekhov, Assistant Professor, headed the Department after resignation from the dean’s position.

Parallel to creation of new departments, already existing ones were renovated, namely the General University Department of Political Economy, the Department of Statistics and Accounting and the Department of Soviet Economy. New lecturers came to the Faculty - V.V. Spivakova, V.A. Smirnova, V.M. Lisovytskiy, Y.E. Zvyaguintsev, B.V. Poklonskiy, E.G. Atamanichenko, V.M. Selivanov (since 1967), V.S. Klochko and others. At the expense of postgraduate students from virtually all the departments, there appeared a new generation of teaching assistant professors - S.O. Glasova, I.P. Gomosovy, E.M. Adamenko, A.V. Syvokon’, I.V. Semenyak, A.B. Kats, M.P. Matryashin, S.G. Kravchenko.

The process of creating new departments went on in 1980-90s, and it continued on a large scale since 2000. By the 1st of September, 2009, there exist the following departments at the Faculty:
the Department of Finance and Credit (headed by Prof. V.V. Glushchenko);
the Department of Statistics, Accounting and Audit (headed by Prof. V.M. Sobolev);
the Department of Economic Cybernetics and Applied Economics (headed by Prof. T.V. Merkulova);
the Department of Economics and Management (headed by Prof. A.A. Davidov);
the Department of Economic Theory and Economic Methods of Management (headed by Prof. A.A. Gritsenko);
the Department of Marketing and Management of Foreign Economic Activity (headed by Assoc. Prof. V.A. Yevtushenko);
the Department of International Economics and World Economy (headed by Prof. G.V. Zadoroznyj);
the Department of Mathematical Methods in Economics (headed by Z.F. Nazyrov, Assistant Professor),

A studiing are supported too by staff of the Department of Business Foreign Language and Translation (headed by Prof. I.S. Shevchenko).

Thus, having 9 departments, the Faculty of Economics has become one of the largest faculties of the University.

From 1999 till August, 2011, Leonid Ivanovych Bulayenko fulfilled the duties of the Dean of the Faculty of Economics. And since September, 2011, Davidov Olexander Ivanovich has been holding the position of the Dean of the Faculty of Economics of the Institute of Economics and International Relations at V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University.

Highly skilled teaching staff trains Bachelors, Specialists and Masters at the Faculty of Economics.
Altogether, there work 100 lecturers at the Faculty. 13 of them are doctors of science, professors, 56 candidates of science, assistant professors, and 31 teachers have no academic degree or status.

At present, more than 1700 students study at the Faculty of Economics by all forms of education, including about 300 foreign students. There are 50 post graduate students.

The Faculty of Economics takes an active part in development of distance form of education. At present, some students are educated by the distant form in the cities of Krasniy Luch and Skadovsk.

Five research projects are carried out at the Faculty of Economics. Four of them are financed from the state budget funds of the Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sport of Ukraine according to the thematic plan of V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University.




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