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Studing-Pedagogical Work

    Pedagogical work plays an important role in the educational process at the Faculty of Economics.

    The purpose of pedagogical work is creation at the Faculty of intellectual humanitarian environment for training of highly skilled and comprehensively educated specialists, respectable and cultured citizens of the state of Ukraine, patriots of their motherland.

    Tasks of pedagogical work at the Faculty:
- orientation for values of an open, democratic and legal society;
- development of national, historical and cultural traditions of Ukraine, the best traditions of Slobozhanshchyna and University life;
- consolidation of positive motivation for professional and social activity;
- further humanization of the educational program, enhancement of the social science role;
- support of activity of student's self-administration organs;
- propaganda of healthy life-style, precaution of misdeeds, drug addiction and alcoholism in the student environment;
- attraction of students to socially useful work;
- organization of students' participation in cultural mass measures, in amateur art activities; introduction of students to the treasures of the world and national culture and art;
- control of observance by students of elementary culture of behavior and educational discipline;
- creation of conditions for full-value development of students’ creative abilities.

    Different forms of pedagogical work develop harmoniously at the Faculty of Economics:
- “latent”, or indirect education, through educational and scientific work;
- direct educational influence upon students in the course of corresponding mass measures;
- individual pedagogical work with students;
- extracurricular educational work, etc.

    The educational process subjects at the Faculty are:
- Dean of the Faculty;
- Deputy Dean on Pedagogical Work;
- Heads of the Departments;
- Curators of academic groups;
- Teachers of disciplines.

    The Faculty of Economics has developed a concept of pedagogical work among students. It consists of the following aspects:
    1. National patriotic education. The objective of national patriotic education is to heighten the national self-consciousness among student youth, to form patriotism and educate citizens of independent Ukraine, develop the will to work for the good of the state and its progress and willingness to defend the motherland.
    Ways of achievement: 1) mastering of the Ukrainian language, formation of high language culture, respect for languages of national minorities (forms – optional study of the Ukrainian language); 2) study of culture, history, traditions and customs of the Ukrainian people (forms – student conferences, excursions to museums, etc.); 3) development of students’ respect for the Constitution, legislation of Ukraine and state symbolics.
    2. Political education. The main purpose is to give students knowledge on the political and state structure of the country and to teach them how to apply this knowledge under conditions of the multi-party system. This knowledge, together with life experience, determines the political culture of a person. The political culture implies the state law observance, study of traditions of the society’s political experience and providing of high level of student’s knowledge about the political process mechanism and ways of achievement of political goals.
    3. Aesthetic education. The purpose is to enhance the general cultural outlook, to form aspiration for the beautiful, to develop students’ aesthetic and creative abilities and to acquaint students with achievements of the world and national culture and literature, music and fine arts.
    Forms of education: meetings with writers, the “Alma Mater” contest of freshmen amateur artists, the “Star Bridge” fiction festival, theatre visits etc.
    4. Physical education. Propaganda of healthy life-style, sports and mass measures (sports days, competitions) and anti-drug lectures.
    5. Labor education has the purpose of developing respect for labor and property.
    6. Legal education contributes to formation of juridically competent students.




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