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Department of Mathematical Methods in Economics

The Department of Mathematical Methods in Economics of the Institute of Economics and International Relations of V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University was created on the 1st of September, 2008.

The Department specializes in such areas as in such areas as Higher Mathematics, Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics, Informatics and Computer Technologies.

The professional cadre of the Department has efficiently incorporated specialists who have fundamental mathematical education, high qualification in the field of economic and mathematical design, information technologies and programming, which helps the students to form a wide complex of knowledge and skills.

The Department is headed by Nazyrov Zaryf Fyatikhovych, Associate Professor, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Science, Member of the Scientific Council of the Faculty of Economics, the Scientific Council of V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, Director of the Center of International Education. On the whole, his scientific and pedagogical experience makes up 31 year. Since 1986, he has worked at the Department of Higher Mathematics and Informatics, where he has developed professionally from an assistant to the Associate Professor. In the last few years, his teaching load made on average 900 hours per year: Nazyrov Z.F. gives lectures in the general courses of Higher Mathematics, Methods of Approximate Calculations, and in the special courses of Operational Methods, Functional Analysis in Computing Mathematics, Spectral Methods of Solutions of Maxwell Equations in Non-Stationary Tasks, etc.

Nazyrov Z.F. has published 23 scientific and educational and methodical works, among them 15 works are of scientific character and 8 works are of educational and methodical character. Eight works are published in the leading mathematical periodicals. 2 articles are given into publishing. Zaryf Fyatikhovych works actively in the scientific aspect, he has obtained some new interesting results on spectral characteristics of Maxwell operator. He has prepared (as a co-author) the following tuturials: “Methodical Guidelines for Solution of Contest Tasks for Entrance Examinations in Mathematics in KhSU”, 1996, 97, 98, 99, “Tasks for Entrance Examinations in Mathematics in KhNU”, 2002, and “Contest Tasks in Mathematics for Entrants”.

Nazyrov Z.F. has repeatedly taken part in the leading international conferences and symposiums. The latest of them are: the International Conference in Theory of Functions and Mathematical Physics, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of N.I.Akhiezer, Kharkiv, 2001 (made a speech on the results of his scientific works); the International Conference, dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Academician V.O.Marchenko, Kharkiv, 2002 (made a report).

At present, the professor and teaching staff of the Department consists of 17 persons, a 1st category methodologist and a 1st category engineer. Among them are Doctors of Science, Professors Yantsevych A.A. and Gorodnov V.P. The candidates of science - Associate Professors Nazyrov Z.F., Dubrovin A.O., Mel'nikova O.P. and Farafonova N.K. fruitfully work at the Department. And also there work senior lecturers: Yepishev S.M., Yefimova A.M., Zholtkevych N.A., Kozhanova O.K., Maslennykova O.V., Petrova A.Yu., Pyrogova I.Ye., Pirogova S.Ye., Farafonova A.K., Khomin O.V., Shtrasser O.G.
The 1st category methodologist Taratuta O.Yu. and the 1st category engineer Kosareva S.D.

The Department carries out preparation of students by educational and qualification levels of Bachelor, Specialist and Master. It also actively participates in the development of extra-mural form of education in the places of compact dwelling of students (distance form of education). At present, the Department conducts preparation of 72 students by this form of education in the cities of Krasniy Luch, Skadovsk, Slovyansk and Feodosiya.

Nowadays, the lecturers of the Department provide the educational process at the Faculty of Economics and at the Faculty of International Economic Relations and Tourist Business. On the whole, according to the curricula of Bachelors, Specialists and Masters, the teachers of the Department give lectures in 10 normative disciplines. The Department works by curricula elaborated for classical universities, and also new curricula are implemented in accordance with the requirements of Bologna Convention. The staff of the Department introduces effective forms of educational and pedagogical process into the educational process (lectures, seminars and practical studies, discussions, business games, design and solution of practical tasks with the help of computers). The credit and module system of assessment of students’ knowledges has been introduced. Among the educational disciplines read by the teachers of the Department, the main place is occupied by the disciplines from the cycle of fundamental and professionally oriented economic disciplines, for instance Mathematics for Economists, Higher Mathematics, Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics, Economic Informatics, Informatics and Computer Technologies.

The Department conducts profound scientific research in the following directions: financial mathematics, mathematical design of a stock price, design and prognostication of economic processes, modelling of financial activity of enterprises, banks and financial institutes, economic and mathematical design, mathematical simulation of random processes.

The Department supports active relations with the leading institutions of higher education in Ukraine, scientific establishments, enterprises and organizations. They co-operate in many directions, participate in conferences and seminars, exchange scientific and pedagogical experience, carry out internship of teachers, participate in international projects, etc.




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