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“Management of Organizations”

“Management of Organizations” speciality is unique and has a lot of prospects, because here managers with profound knowledge in economics are trained, and there is a wide range of positions and career development guaranteed for them.

A specialist in “Management of Organizations” can take up the following positions at enterprises, in associations and organizations regardless of the form of property:
-    heads and masters of productive subdivisions in industry;
-    heads and masters in transport, warehousing and communications;
-    heads of subdivisions in the sphere of culture, recreation and sports;
-    heads of financial, economic, legal and administrative subdivisions;
-    inspectors of educational institutions;
-    specialists in the sphere of labour and employment;
-    specialists in the field of marketing, entrepreneurial efficiency and rationalization of production;
-    secretaries of administrative organs;
-    managers of tourist agencies and travel bureaus;
-    managers in hotel industry etc.

Disciplines studied by students in “Management of Organizations” speciality are arranged by years of studies and presented alongside with forms of control and the number of ECTS credits in information packets for full-time and extra-mural education.

The Department is located at the following address: 1 Mironositskaya Str., Kharkiv, room 3-22. Tel.: 707-52-29.




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