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About the Department

Department of Marketing and Foreign Economic Activity Management
The training of specialists of “Marketing” and “Foreign Economic Activity Management” in V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University is organized according to requirements laid out in official documents on social relations regulation in the field of education, pedagogy and professional training of Ukrainian citizens. The Law of Ukraine “On Higher Education” is the principal document. It sets legal, organizational, financial and other bases for functioning of the higher education system and creates conditions for self-realization of a person and for satisfaction of society and country needs in qualified specialists. The objective and organization of the teaching and education process correspond to the tasks of the State National “Education” Programme (“Ukraine in the XXI Century”), the Programme of Bologna Declaration Regulations Realization in the System of Higher Education and Science of Ukraine for 2004-2005 (approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Order Nr. 49 of 23.10.2004), the State Programme of Higher Education Development for 2004-2007 and other normative documents.
The teaching staff of the graduating department is represented by promising and hard-working youth collective of modern level of knowledge. The staff is remarkable for having high requirements to work and tendency to innovational trends in marketing, management and educational technologies. The average age of teachers is 35 years old.
The teachers of the Department are constantly working for perfection of their professional qualification and improvement of lecturer skills. All the teachers have attended a series of seminars organized by CEUME - Consortium for Enhancement of Ukrainian Management Education.
The educational and pedagogical process is aimed at humanitarian and advanced professional training and correspondence to the state standards of education.
Specialists are trained in accordance with the following documents approved at licensing: concepts and multi-grade training of specialists with higher education, qualification characteristics for graduates of Kharkiv National University, curricula in “Marketing” and “Management of Foreign Economic Activity” specialities.
The specific character of education in V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University is reflected in the contents of variative paragraphs of approved documents (educational and qualificational characteristics, educational and professional programmes, curricula) on training of bachelors and masters in “Marketing” and “Management of Foreign Economic Activity” specialities:
-    breadth of world outlook;
-    harmonization of professional knowledge;
-    development of creative abilities;
-    mastering of modern technologies in marketing and management.
The system of educational and pedagogical work has acquired “unformalized” creative relations of partner cooperation between students and teachers of the Department which is reflected in all types of work.
The system and purposefulness of training of specialists meets the present and prospective requirements of labour market. During practical trainings in production, teachers use methods of practical consulting, solve problems of adaptation of students’ knowledge to real needs of enterprises, organizations and institutions. The Department cooperates with different business structures and non-commercial organizations. Inviting businessmen for teaching of special disciplines, partner agreements with enterprises, probation programmes at Ukrainian and international companies and professional students associations on economic research are the leading trends in business connections of science and practice.
Students are actively engaged in scientific research of the Department in the field of strategic marketing and management, and they highlight the results of their own research in scientific publications.
The Department carries out considerable scientific work in modern economic problems, constantly winning projects which belong to the research area of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, on competition basis.
There function post-graduate studies in the speciality 08.06.01. “Economics, Organization and Management of Enterprises”.




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