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The Faculty of Economics is a powerful educational subdivision of the University. The Faculty trains about 1700 of them are full-time students, including 270 foreign students. More than 500 students are following extra-mural studies of all types.

The following forms of studies are available:
•    Full-time stidies;
•    Part-time studies;
•    Parallel studies;
•    Education with the use of E-learning technologies (in Skadovsk and Krasniy Luch);
•    Second higher education.

Eight departments of the Faculty of Economics train Bachelors, Specialists and Masters in twelve specialities:
•    “Economic Theory”;
•    “International Economics”;
•    “Finance and Credit”;
•    “Banking”;
•    “Accounting and Audit”;
•    “Applied Statistics”;
•    “Applied Economics”;
•    “Economic Cybernetics”;
•    “Marketing”;
•    “Management of Foreign Economic Activity”;
•    “Management of Organizations”;
•    “Administrative Management”.

Highly skilled research and educational specialists provide teaching and methodical, scientific-research and pedagogical activity at the Faculty. Among them are 21 doctors of science, professors, and 60 candidates of science, assistant professors. The average age of lecturers is 48 years. At present, 15 young teachers who have graduated from the Faculty of Economics work at the Faculty’s departments.

In the course of recent years, 12 new educational and 14 special courses have been elaborated, including 14 author’s courses. Programs of main courses and subjects for tests, term papers and degree works are constantly being renovated.
All graduates of full-time state budget form of education are placed in jobs.

In the academic year 2000/2001, there has been created the Centre of Occupational Adaptation and Employment for the graduates of the Faculty, organized with the purpose of selection and testing of students and extension of their professional training on company’s demands.

All the disciplines taught at the Faculty are provided with training and methodical manuals, which are renovated every year. The Kharkiv National University Bulletin is regularly published.

There are 6 computer classrooms at the Faculty equipped with more than 80 computers. In the course of study of the curriculum disciplines, special-purpose computer applications and Internet are used. There is a publishing complex and audio-video classrooms for foreign language studies.

The faculty was awarded a grant on the TACIS project for the sum of 166 thousand Euros. At the expense of this grant, the new computer classroom was equipped with 15 modern computers and a multimedia projector. In accordance with the TACIS project, masters in 'Applied Economics' speciality have been trained since 2003.

The creation of the Department of Business Foreign Language and Translation has ensured the improvement in foreign language studies.

At the Faculty, there function two specialized councils on doctoral theses defence in specialities: “Economic Theory”, “Finance, Currency Circulation and Credit”, “Organization of Management, Planning and Regulation of Economy”.

Lately, 9 doctoral and 38 Ph.D. theses have been defended. Over 60 people have completed their post-graduate studies successfully.

Since 2001, the scientific magazine “Social Economics” has been published under the editorship of the Faculty's leading scientists. This magazine belongs to the list of publications of the Higher Attestation Committee of Ukraine. Twelve scientific and practical research conferences have been held. Interuniversity student’s research conferences and regional school competitions in economics are annually held on the basis of the Faculty of Economics.

At the Faculty of Economics, the Kharkiv Regional Society on Heritage of M.I. Tugan-Baranovskiy, prominent Ukrainian scientist and economist, has been created and registered. V.P. Babych, Doctor of Economics and Professor, is the head of this society.

Celebrations of the Day of the Faculty of Economics and New Year programs are held at the Faculty annually. Students actively participate in conferences organized in commemoration of prominent economists who had worked at the Faculty, in the competition for first-year students “Alma mater”, in the beauty contest “Miss University”, in contests of the Merry and Smart Club, sports competitions in football, basketball and track and field athletics, and they win prizes.

The Student Council activity in the hostels has improved. Sightseeing tours to Poltava, Saint Petersburg and Slavyanogorsk are regularly organized.

Together with the Central Scientific Library, the Faculty takes measures to enrich the library stocks with up-to-date economic literature.

Since 2002, the Department of Educational Process Dataware has been functioning at the Faculty with the purpose of implementation of up-to-date information technologies and further development of E-learning.

Since 2004, all full-time students have got studies in imitation practical training with the use of '1С:Enterprise' system in the specially equipped classroom.

In 2008, with the purpose of contribution to overcoming the world economic crisis by enterprises and organizations, the Business Education Centre was created on the basis of the Faculty. The Centre carries out consulting on economic problems and training on thematic modules. Lectures and practical trainings are given by candidates and doctors of science, lecturers of the Faculty of Economics of V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University.

 Deep traditions together with the most recent technologies allow the Faculty to keep the leading place both in Ukraine and in the whole Europe.



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